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All about the Skinceuticals micropeel 

The SkinCeuticals Micropeel is a three-step procedure combining exfoliation with a dermaplane tool, medical-grade chemical peel solution, and a photo corrective restorative mask! This facial is extremely gentle yet effective and customizable to treat all skin types including those with sensitive and rosacea skin.
SkinCeuticals Micropeel is ideal for patients looking to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation (such as sun spots or acne scarring), enlarged pores, dullness, and dry textured skin. Advanced formulation means minimal skin reactions and downtime – you are guaranteed to leave looking instantly more radiant!



At Skin Savvy we provide personalized medical facial treatments based on your specific skin concerns. You can book your facial consultation by visitng our Contact Us page.

What to expect during my Skinceuticals micropeel?

During your Chemical Peel session at Skin Savvy, one of our licensed and experienced estheticians will start by thoroughly cleansing your skin using SkinCeuticals’ Cleanser. After revealing a clean canvas you will then be dermaplaned. Dermaplane in short, uses a small tool with a sterile disposable blade, that glides across the skin. This is done to exfoliate the epidermis, or upper most layer of the skin, while shaving all the fine vellus hair from your face. Your esthetician will then apply a SkinCeuticals micropeel solution or gel, that will best fit the needs of your skin.  A chemical peel typically has no downtime and no visible evidence of peeling, and our clients may resume their normal daily activities. Lastly, the patient will enjoy a photo corrective restorative mask. The mask contains highly-concentrated botanical extracts, a calming dipeptide, and hyaluronic acid to intensively soothe and replenish skin reactivity. This intensive calming facial mask cools on contact, comforts skin sensitivity, and restores natural radiance and smoothness.

Skinceuticals micropeel FAQs

A chemical peel typically has no downtime and no visible evidence of peeling, and our clients may resume their normal daily activities. However, our clients with a fairer complexion may experience some redness of the skin for the following day or so. At Skin Savvy we cannot stress enough the importance of protecting your skin from the sun at all times, but especially when the skin is vulnerable or compromised after any of our skin treatments.

Expect up to a 60% improvement in the overall appearance of your skin in as little as four treatments. The SkinCeuticals Chemical Peels used are of such an advanced formulation that skin reaction and downtime is minimal after having the treatment. Be it anti-aging, blemished or dull skin, we will guide you and deliver the result that meets with your expectations. You are guaranteed to leave looking instantly more radiant.

We recommend a course of two peels to achieve the best results. After this, you can have a peel at regular intervals as part of your on-going skin care program.

All you’ll feel is a mild tingling sensation as the peeling agent gets to work on your skin.

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