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Microneedling — also known as “collagen induction therapy” — involves harnessing the power of your skin’s ability to heal itself. As an expert in modern aesthetic solutions, Chrissy Gray Lim, PA, and the skin care experts at Skin Savvy offer the latest in microneedling treatments with SkinPen® to patients throughout the greater Austin, Texas area. They even provide an anti-aging platelet-rich plasma (PRP) add-on service. Learn more by scheduling a complimentary consultation at this West Lake Hills, Texas, boutique medical spa. Schedule online or over the phone.


What does microneedling do for my skin?

As you get older, the skin-firming connective tissue known as collagen starts breaking down. Even though your body is continuously making new collagen, the process slows down over the years.

Microneedling with the revolutionary SkinPen is a way to stimulate collagen and new skin tissue production, so you can turn back the hands of time and reverse the effects of aging. This minimally invasive anti-aging solution can:

  • Minimize fine lines and wrinkles
  • Decrease overall pore size
  • Even out your skin texture
  • Smooth out scars (including acne scars)
  • Soften the appearance of age spots and sun damage

To further enhance the effects of microneedling, you can pair your treatment with platelet-rich plasma (PRP). This treatment involves taking a quick blood draw, processing your blood to separate platelets and healing growth factors, then applying the solution — your PRP — directly to your face after microneedling.

Because microneedling with the SkinPen opens up channels on your skin, PRP can penetrate into the deepest layers for superior skin healing and anti-aging benefits.

Does microneedling really work?

Yes! Microneedling with the state-of-the-art SkinPen is an FDA-cleared treatment for enhancing your skin’s natural glow. During your SkinPen microneedling session at Skin Savvy, your practitioner thoroughly cleanses your skin and strategically moves the microneedling tool all over your face.

With each pass, SkinPen gently pierces your skin, which triggers your immune system to jump into action to make repairs and remove damaged skin. Blood flow immediately increases to the area.

Over time as cells regenerate, all of these micro-wounds are repaired with new tissues. At the same time, a new network of tiny blood vessels begins developing underneath your skin, so you can continue experiencing increased blood flow and nutrient delivery for ongoing benefits.

Adding PRP onto your microneedling treatment at Skin Savvy enhances these effects even more, so you can truly rejuvenate your skin.

How long does it take to see results from microneedling?

Microneedling causes some initial redness, swelling, and inflammation. But the puncture wounds from the SkinPen are tiny, so any initial side effects you experience should subside within a few days. Chrissy and her team at Skin Savvy have a selection of clinical-grade skin care products available and can help you find just the right solution to help your skin heal as quickly as possible.

Usually, you start noticing the benefits of SkinPen microneedling, as well as PRP, within about two to three weeks. Chrissy might recommend coming into Skin Savvy for two or three monthly microneedling sessions until you reach your desired outcome. After that, it’s often recommended to schedule once or twice-a-year sessions for optimal skin maintenance.

Rejuvenate your skin by booking your customized microneedling session at Skin Savvy today. Click on the online scheduler, or call the medical spa directly.

Individual results may vary.