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You can minimize the appearance of lines, age spots, and even old scars with PCA Skin® and SkinCeuticals® chemical peels. At Skin Savvy in West Lake Hills, Texas, aesthetic specialist Chrissy Gray Lim, PA, and her team provide personalized chemical peel treatments based on your specific skin concerns to patients throughout the greater Austin, Texas area. You can book your complimentary chemical peel consultation right online, or you can call the medical spa directly to book.

Chemical Peels

How do chemical peels work?

As the name implies, chemical peels involve using medical-grade chemical solutions to gently remove the outer, damaged layer of your skin. But PCS Skin and SkinCeuticals chemical peels go a step further and penetrate to deeper layers of your skin to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production.

So as the surface of your skin starts to shed away over the following few days, newer, healthier, more vibrant skin begins to shine through. Your “new” layer of skin is more even-toned and has smaller pores and fewer lines. Chemical peels can even minimize the appearance of scars, including old acne scars, by removing damaged tissue and triggering new tissue development.   

What happens during a chemical peel?

Your customized chemical peel treatment at Skin Savvy is an entirely rejuvenating experience. During your visit, your aesthetic specialist thoroughly cleanses your face, neck, and décolleté. They apply a PCA Skin or SkinCeuticals chemical peel that’s right for your skin concerns, skin tone, and skin texture.

The length of time your peel solution needs to be on your face just depends on which peel you’re having. Your chemical peel may need anywhere from 5-15 minutes (sometimes longer) to work. During this time, it’s normal to feel some mild burning or itching, which indicate that the peel is effectively working.

At the end of your chemical peel session, your skin care practitioner uses a neutralizing solution to deactivate the chemicals. This results in a cooling and soothing effect. The final step involves cleansing your skin and applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen.

Is there any downtime after a chemical peel?

Yes, although the downtime you have after your chemical peel just depends on which type of peel you have. Almost all chemical peels result in mild redness, inflammation, and swelling afterward. It’s also normal for your skin to shed.

For mild lunchtime peels, these side effects should resolve within a few days. Or if you’re having a medium-depth chemical peel, side effects may last for about a week.

The more and more you have chemical peels at Skin Savvy — monthly peels are recommended — the better your skin starts tolerating the peels and the shorter your downtime becomes each time.

Get your youthful glow back by getting regular chemical peels at Skin Savvy. Click on the online scheduler to book your chemical peel, or call the medical spa directly.

Individual results may vary.