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Revision Skincare

Revision Skincare was founded to change the way professional skincare results are achieved. They believe youthful-looking skin can be accomplished without ever compromising skin’s long-term health.

Revision Skincare offers unique formulation philosophy that is leading the way for better treatment methods and challenging traditional approaches to deliver powerful results.

From the very beginning, Revision Skincare has led the industry with groundbreaking technologies and innovations. Revision Skincare was:

FIRST brand to widely incorporate Peptides that unlock the skin’s full potential to help combat the visible signs of aging

FIRST brand in the U.S. to utilize THD Ascorbate as a superior alternative to L-Ascorbic Acid and today we are the ONLY skincare company to use this ingredient at a 30% concentration (as of 2019)

FIRST to create the neck at home therapy category for skin care professionals

FIRST to harness the power of the Microbiome to provide age-defying benefits for the neck and décolletage

FIRST to develop a comprehensive anti-aging tinted moisturizer containing 100% all mineral sunscreen with absolutely no hidden chemical sunscreens(10 years in development)

With products validated by physicians worldwide, Skin Savvy is proud to offer Revision Skincare through the Skin Savvy E-store to help you Achieve Healthy, Beautiful Skin™

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