Treatment Spotlight: Secret RF

Treatment Spotlight: Secret RF

Here at Skin Savvy Medical Spa in Austin, Texas, we make it a priority to stay up to date with the latest aesthetic trends. We strive to excel in our role as industry experts and to bring our patients the most advanced techniques and technologies available on the market! Today we’re introducing to you one of these cutting-edge treatments - Secret RF Microneedling!

What is Secret RF?

Secret RF by Cutera Inc. is an innovative technology that combines fractional radiofrequency (RF) and microneedling into one treatment. It is done to stimulate and remodel collagen to address the most common signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin, as well as textural concerns like post-acne scarring, and all with reduced downtime! It is ideally suited for use on ALL skin types in patients who wish to revitalize and refresh the appearance of their skin. By adjusting the micro-needles, Secret RF can deliver energy at various depths, so that treatments can be tailored to address each patient’s concerns and available recovery time. The secret to smoother, tighter skin IS the Secret RF.

According to Cutera, “more than 70% of patients are bothered by lines and wrinkles around the eyes, skin texture and/or discoloration. Over 60% of patients are bothered by wrinkles near the cheeks and mouth, lines and wrinkles between the eyebrows, forehead and neck/chest.” Secret RF offers a modern and an unprecedented way to correct these issues, with not only less downtime than laser, but also significantly less pain. At Skin Savvy, we make sure to offer our patients a topical anesthetic application before the treatment to further minimize discomfort throughout the procedure.

How does Secret RF work?

The ‘secret’ of Secret RF is the perfectly spaced, conductive micro-needles, which emit high energy radio-frequency waves to target deeper layers of the skin. The precisely controlled RF energy applied directly to the skin at various depths stimulates the natural process of renewal in the skin without the risk of over-heating the skin or burning. The procedure stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastin production, providing lasting aesthetic effects (6 months).

Who can benefit from this procedure?

Secret RF is a very safe treatment that can be performed on all skin types. At Skin Savvy, we offer this treatment for our patients on multiple areas like face, neck and chest as well as the body. Because of its safety profile, the incidence of side effects is very uncommon. Secret RF can be used for pore reduction, skin rejuvenation, scars, stretch marks, and more!

Skin Savvy is at the forefront of non-invasive surgical procedures. We offer personalized treatments to help you achieve your best skin yet! We are excited to add this new treatment to our medical boutique located in West Lake Hills on Bee Cave Road! Contact us at 512-840-0607 to schedule an appointment for your Secret RF procedure today.

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